Continuing Client Counseling

My clients have come to expect top quality service, and I continue to work hard to exceed that expectation.  My work to provide the best service I can has led to the addition of two important parts of my practice:  Continuing Client Counseling; and Clientdocx.
It is important that you and your estate planning lawyer review your estate and wealth planning in detail at least annually and also whenever significant changes occur in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.
Because the value of your estate may change, because your family situation and goals may change, and because tax laws and other laws may change, you should review your planning regularly to be certain that your present planning continues to meet your needs.
No lawyer can promise that your estate and wealth planning will work the way you want if you do not update your planning from time to time to consider the effects of changes in your circumstances, changes in your goals, changes in the law, and changes in the state of the art.  Frequently, significant changes have occurred that necessitate updated planning and the client is not even aware of the changed circumstance until the review meeting takes place and, through the counseling process, the client and the lawyer learn that the update is needed.
My goal is my clients’ continuing satisfaction with our relationship; and that is why I offer a formal annual review program that I call Continuing Client Counseling as a higher level of service.
Continuing Client Counseling is designed to help my clients monitor their planning so they may have the protection and peace of mind they want and includes a meeting in my office to review the estate plan and the clients’ situation and goals in order to consider possible updates, and upgrades, to the planning, as well as other benefits.
In response to client requests for fast access to their estate and wealth planning documents for themselves and for their other professional advisors, including the CPA, the financial advisor, the insurance advisor, and others, I have spent considerable time and effort over the past years searching for a secure solution; and I believe that solution is Clientdocx.
Clientdocx is a secure means of document storage that allows clients and advisors to have password protected access to the client’s documents via a link on this website.
Now, in addition to the annual estate and wealth planning review meeting with me, and the review of documents, and other benefits, enrollment in Continuing Client Counseling includes, if desired, password protected document access through Clientdocx at no additional charge.
My goal is my clients’ continuing satisfaction, and I continue to devote myself to that singular mission.