Western Agents, Inc. is the premier provider of registered agent and registered office services in Wyoming.

Each "corporate entity", such as limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and corporations, formed in Wyoming, or engaging in business in Wyoming, must designate a registered agent in the State of Wyoming.

The duties of the registered agent include receiving and forwarding legal documents and other important correspondence, and Western Agents, Inc. takes pride in performing that duty quickly at no additional charge.  As a higher level of service, our conference room and office facilities are available to your entity without charge, on a space available basis.

Western Agents, Inc. also offer additional services for those wishing to become Wyoming residents or wishing to enhance their presence in Wyoming by assisting with the following:


  • Monitoring a business or personal mailing address in Wyoming and handling correspondence.
  • Obtaining and maintaining insurance on Wyoming real estate and personal property.
  • Establishing and maintaining Wyoming bank accounts and safe deposit boxes.
  • Other services as may be appropriate.

Please contact the firm to inquire how Western Agents, Inc. can help your business.