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C. David Clauss
February, 2017
© 2014 – 2017 C. David Clauss
As I wrote last month, I’ve been invited by Central Wyoming College – Jackson to present an adult education course on estate planning; and CWC has also arranged with the Wyoming State Bar for the course to be certified for six hours Continuing Legal Education credit for lawyers, including a half hour of ethics credit.
The course is presented in four sessions, each from 5:00 p.m. till 7:30 p.m., Mondays & Wednesdays, February 6, 8, 13, & 15.  Tuition for the class, all of which goes to CWC (I am waiving my speaking fee.) is only $190.00, and includes course materials.
For those interested in the content of the course, the preliminary outline follows.
Session 1 – 06 FEB 2017
Will based planning
Fees & expenses
Ethical considerations for lawyers & their clients
Guardianship / Conservatorship
Session 2 – 08 FEB 2017
Living Trusts
Drafting issues
            Powers reserved by trustmakers
            Irrevocable at death
            Initial trustees
            Successor trustees
            Disability determination
            Trust protector
            Provide for trustmaker during incapacity
            Provide for spouse & dependents during incapacity
            QTIP provisions
            Tax planning
                        Formula funding
                        Disclaimer funding
                        Non-tax benefits
            Specific distributions
            Tenancy by the entireties protection in Wyoming
Session 3 – 13 FEB 2017
Basic tax planning & Specialty Trusts
Unlimited marital deduction, gift tax limitations, lifetime exemption amount
Estate tax repeal
Qualified Domestic Trusts for Non-citizen spouse
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
Qualified Personal Residence Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts
Charitable life estate
Session 4 – 15 FEB 2017
Asset Protection
Will the RLT help protect assets?
Business protection
            Corporations, LLCs, FLPs
                        Charging order protection
Wyoming Qualified Spendthrift Trust
Pure trusts, constitutional trusts
As I’ve written before, for many folks, getting started is the hardest part of the estate planning process.
One very good way to begin is to enroll in an enjoyable class where you can learn about how a will, a trust, a health care power of attorney, and other kinds of estate planning documents are put together to accomplish your goals.
Please telephone CWC – Jackson at 307.733.7425 for more information and to register for the adult education class on Estate Planning.  I promise a pleasant and informative class.
If you prefer a “one on one” setting, you are invited to contact my office to arrange our initial planning meeting so we can talk in confidence about your hopes, dreams, and fears for yourself and your loved ones and design a plan that will accomplish your goals the way you want.
Even though the foregoing does not include any legal or tax advice, I should note that any advice contained in this message is not written for, and is not intended to be used by, and may not be used by, any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding any penalty with respect to tax that may imposed upon a taxpayer.
C. David Clauss
Attorney & Counselor at Law

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